Our Story

Hello Folks!  We are Ducky & Leroy, the ones who inspired our Mom to create the Durango Dog Company. We are two goofy fellows (or that is what people tell us) and LOVE adventures like all Canines out there!

We’re both smart, handsome, Labrador Retrievers that no one wanted until we were rescued by the Labrador Retriever Rescue Club of the Potomac (LRCP) and adopted by our Mom.

Ducky and Leroy Inspired Durango Dog's Natural Dog Treats in Frederick MDDucky:  Okay, so I was a tad wild as a young one and ran away a few times but heck, I was just curious and needed some exercise! (Ducky’s family was found but they didn’t want him. However, lucky for him, the shelter called Lab Rescue and he found his forever home.)

Leroy:  Mom and Ducky are my third family and I am so happy I found my forever home! I guess I was a bit of a challenge – I got bored and ate things I shouldn’t have. But now I am happy, exercise a lot and love being with my brother Ducky. However, I do have to admit I still have a problem eating things I shouldn’t. Heck, we all have things to work on, right?

Ducky & Leroy:  We are still active with Lab Rescue (LRCP) and are great foster brothers. We love to teach those new kids waiting for a forever home the ropes!  For our fellow Canines helping their Rescue group, please share your story with us on Facebook.

Mom:  Ducky & Leroy bring me the kind of joy that only a parent of a four legged kid can understand! They have inspired me to walk when I don’t have the energy, smile and laugh when life is tough, and accept love unconditionally. It is their heart that has inspired me to bring only the best products so everyone can find adventure in life.

Ducky & Leroy:  OK…. Mom can be a tad serious at times… but, we love that about her! I guess all Moms and Dads are like that, right?!!

Thanks again for visiting the Durango Dog Company and we look forward to hearing from you!

Love and Paw Blessings,
Ducky, Leroy & Mom