Outdoor Retailer Show July 2017

Ducky:  Hi Folks!  We had an amazing time attending the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City in July.  We were showcasing our ROVING WATERING BOWL (the bag my brother and I invented with our Mom) to Retail Buyers.

Leroy:  Yeah, we drove from Maryland to Utah and lucky for us, stopped a lot to get hot dogs, carrots and bananas.  It was a delicious trip!  We stayed at the Sheraton Hotels in 3 different states.  They have fast elevators, nice front desk folks and doors that magically open when I walked by.  Excellent apples too.


Ducky:  We met incredible people at ORSM17! They loved our ROVING WATERING BOWL.  We spent most our days chatting about our bag and taking a lot of pictures.  It really makes Mom’s & Dad’s life much easier when outdoors with guys like us so did a lot of demos too.  And of course, enjoyed getting a massage now and then from the attendees and our booth neighbors.

Leroy:  The snacks next door and across the way were excellent!


Ducky:  ANYWAY…. We wanted to say Thank You and we miss all our friends we met at ORSM17 and can’t wait to see you next year in Denver!