Ducky:  WOW.. it has been aTravel Water Bowl for Dogs in MDlmost two years since Mom listened to my brother Leroy and I about creating a super neat and great product for walking/hiking/traveling/dog park visits with us… the ROVING WATERING BOWL.

Leroy:  Yay…  It makes sure we have everything we need, especially the treats!

Ducky:  It is also important we have water and Mom has a place for her keys and cell phone.

Leroy:  Ok, good point but… still lots of room for treats!

Ducky:  Mom, Leroy and I decided to produce a video about the ROVING WATERING BOWL.  As the Director, I am very proud of my brother Leroy (stage name “Chestnut”) and our friend Amanda for their exceptional skills in front of the camera.

Leroy:  If you haven’t seen me as “Chestnut”, check it out. ROVING WATERING BOWLTravel Water Bowl for Dogs in MD

Ducky:  UGH… My brother really likes being in the spotlight and hoping for another video soon.  TBC…