The ROVING WATERING BOWL is a utility travel bag that carries everything You and Your Dog need AND transforms into the water bowl!


You now have one place for your:

Roving Watering Bowl

  • Water Bottle
  • Keys
  • Waste Bags
  • Dog Treats/Snacks
  • Cell Phone
  • Flashlight
  •  AND the bag converts into your dog’s water bowl.

The ROVING WATERING BOWL has a waterproof liner that dries quickly and converts back into a bag.  It will not leak and the outer bag is durable and water resistant.  This bag is lightweight, comfortable to wear and the strap is detachable to be utilized as an emergency leash.

The ROVING WATERING BOWL simplifies your time spent outdoors with your Dog –  you now have ONE bag to carry everything you need.  No longer will you forget anything, need to carry personal items in various places, or have a water bottle and bowl bouncing against your legs.  Leave it in your car or by your front door and you will aways be ready to go!

Get your Roving Watering Bowl Today!

Travel Bag & Water Bowl & for Dogs

Perfect for walking, hiking, camping, parks, beaches, and traveling with your dog!

The Roving Watering Bowl™ is
Veterinarian reviewed and approved

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