We Love Exploring!!

Hi Folks!  We love the longer days the summer brings and so happy to be out with our Mom exploring new places!

Leroy:  Summer means lots of new places to explore, places to swim, hot dogs to eat, and of course, pictures to be taken of me.  (I heard that I look like the Tom Selleck of dogs)

Ducky:  Thank you Leroy for your summer analogy.  I would like to add that our ROVING WATERING BOWL invention is perfect for this time of year.  For Mom’s & Dad’s … you have a place to put your cell phone, id, keys, water bottle, waste bags for us, treats for all, and of course the bag transforms into our water bowl!


Leroy:  As an active guy that is busy with exercise, canine cookie taste tasting and of course modeling, I do recommend having the ROVING WATERING BOWL with you at all times so us Canines have everything we need.

Ducky:  Right Leroy… Canines have many different needs, as do their Mom’s & Dad’s, and we know the ROVING WATERING BOWL will simplify and organize everyones time outside or traveling.  Remember our last road trip?

Leroy:  Of course.  However… Did I mention there is a pocket on the ROVING WATERING BOWL bag that is great place to put hot dogs and other treats?

Ducky:  Thank you Leroy for pointing that out.  If you folks have any questions about our invention the ROVING WATERING BOWL please contact us at AskDuckyandLeroy@DurangoDogCompany.com and don’t forget to check out our video!

Wishing you a happy summer with lots of adventures!  Ducky & Leroy