Ducky:  Hi Folks!  Thanks for reading another one of our blogs.  Mom thinks it’s important we stay connected to the community.  Ducky & Leroy

Leroy:  Ditto.  Stay connected AND share all the fun things we invented for our fellow Canines!  Hey… have you seen our ROVING WATERING BOWL?  We invented it with our Mom.  I always thought it most important to carry treats for us Canines!  BTW…check out our friends Bo and Ike using it while tailgating!







Ducky:  Thank you Leroy for sharing our friend’s photo.  Actually folks, the ROVING WATERING BOWL was invented because our Mom wanted a compact bag to keep ALL the things we need (and we Canines need A LOT of accessories) when we are outside exploring no matter where we are or time of year.

Leroy:  And treats.

Ducky:  Yes Leroy, treats are important but also remember we need water, a water bowl, waste bags (although, we are still not sure why), an emergency leash, Mom’s keys, flashlight (we see fine but Mom likes it), Mom’s cell phone.

Collapsible travel water bowl for outdoor adventures

Leroy:  And the big pocket holds money for a VERY IMPORTANT Ice Cream Cone stop on our way home!








Ducky:  Well Leroy, that is true and a plus for the ROVING WATERING BOWL.  It is also the perfect bag to use while walking, hiking, traveling (we like short and long trips), at the beach, camping, oh yeah and cross country skiing.  Our Mom doesn’t eat snow like us Canines for water so she needs to carry a water bottle.

Leroy:  Right… Have you seen the amazing and talented Labrador Retriever demonstrating our invention on the ROVING WATERING BOWL Video?  Definitely check it out!  (HINT:  My stage name is Chestnut!)

Ducky:  Thank you Leroy for reminding people of the ROVING WATERING BOWL Video.  You can always contact us at:  AskDuckyandLeroy@DurangoDogCompany.com with any questions. And if you have any photos using the ROVING WATERING BOWL, please share to our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course LinkedIn for the Mom’s and Dad’s out there!

Until next time… Love and Paw Blessings,

Ducky & Leroy