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Dog Bathing Soaps
  • Dog Bathing Soaps

    We are proud to carry CORDOBA FARMS bar soaps for all skin types and coats.  All high grade, all natural incredients.  No chemicals.

    • Handcrafted in small batches
    • Up-to-12 washes per bar.  Your dog's size, coat and frequency of use will determine bar life.


    ALOHA DOG Refresh and Rejuvenate Bar

    • With activated charcoal for deep cleaning and removing doggy odor.  Contains the sweet smell of plumeria. 
    • Saponified oils: coconut; soybean; canola; castor; sunflower + activated charcoal and natural fragrance


    DRAMA DOG Basic Goat Milk Bar

    • Moisturize and soothe your dog’s skin
    • Saponified oils: olive; coconut; palm; castor + goat milk


    RAD DOG Stink Relief Bar

    • Refreshing shampoo with peppermint oil that will leave your dog smelling good, while lavender helps soothe dog’s skin.
    • Saponified oils: coconut; soybean; canola; castor + Essential oils: peppermint, lavender + salt, titanium oxide and dried lavender.